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Netmetix is a team built of experienced professionals who believe that every organisation, regardless of size, deserves to have the best IT that technology has to offer, at a price they can afford.

Why Netmetix?

Founded in 2000, Netmetix has grown to become a leading UK specialist provider of cloud-based IT infrastructure solutions and services with a growing client base around the globe. We have proven ourselves time and again to be ahead of our competitors in the design, deployment and support of Azure cloud systems and services.
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Our mission

Digital Transformation is on the mind of almost every CIO and IT director and we are committed to offering our clients the very best that technology has to offer as they undergo this process. The status of IT within organisations has changed, it is no longer there to facilitate select business functions, but is a vital part of a business’s overall strategy.

We help our clients make the most of cloud technologies and take advantage of the enormous business benefits they can deliver.

It’s all about service

“It’s all about service” defines our belief that service is fundamental to our relationship with our customer’s and is why we put it at the heart of everything we do.

The security and quality of a company’s IT systems shouldn’t be dictated simply by its size and we provide businesses of all sizes with access to enterprise-grade IT services using the power of Azure.

Cloud technology has levelled the IT playing field, allowing every business to access the calibre of technology used by the world’s leading organisations. From infrastructure services to disaster recovery, we offer high quality Cloud-based solutions that benefit from the built-in resilience, security and flexibility of Azure.

Meet our Leaders

Paul Blore
Paul Blore

Managing Director

Now in our 23rd year, Netmetix is a very different company to when we first opened our doors in 2001. We have evolved to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients and the COVID-19 crisis has clearly demonstrated how the right technology can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving, or in some cases not surviving.
We’re extremely proud of our 100% client retention during what was a challenging period for many businesses, underpinned by 12 years of Microsoft Azure expertise and seven Microsoft Gold accreditations. This provides us with the credibility to be considered for mission-critical cloud migrations and implementations.

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Greig Schofield
Greig Schofield

Technical Director

Netmetix provides outstanding technical solutions by ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of cloud technologies, particularly Microsoft Azure.  Our reputation continues to grow within our client and partner base, and our position of ‘Azure Partner of Choice’ by leading specialist IT providers also endorses this.
Our seven Microsoft Gold competencies are an essential part of our service, underpinned by our emphasis on the development of technical staff, whether they join Netmetix as an apprentice or qualified consultant.
Microsoft Azure continues to develop at pace, and our focus on education and training means that we can provide leadership and value in the market.

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Why Partner with Netmetix?

Our customers view us as a strategic partner to their business, not just a supplier. As such, we take the time to understand their business and develop a close working relationship so that we are able to properly advise on the most appropriate technology solutions.

Netmetix is one of an elite group of Microsoft Partners accredited at the highest Gold level. In fact, we have not one, but seven Gold level cloud specific certifications, making us one of the highest qualified Microsoft Partners in the country. The Gold level accreditation provides our customers with the assurance that we are not only technically qualified to the highest standards, but that we also exceed all the industry Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for customer service and satisfaction.

We have a constant program of personnel development across our team, with all members of our technical team required to take and pass a new vendor certification every 3 months. These could be from any one of our strategic partners, or an industry standard certification like PRINCE-2 and help ensure that our engineers are constantly up to date with the latest products, technologies and best practices. This means that when we implement a new system for a customer, we get it right first time.

Our mantra “It’s all about Service”, reflects our total commitment to providing the very best levels of service the industry has to offer. We have invested heavily in both our staff and our systems in order to meet that commitment. We utilise the latest tools and technologies to monitor and manage our clients’ supported systems in real-time. This allows us to monitor every aspect of our clients’ cloud systems in real-time so that we can respond promptly to impending issues before they impact the business.

Successful relationships ultimately come down to the people involved and all of ours are highly skilled, committed and professional, but above all, friendly. One recurring theme in the reviews and feedback from existing customers is that we are nice people to work with. We avoid jargon wherever possible and are able to communicate sometimes complex issues in a way that is easily understood by non-technical people.

We constantly review new products and technologies in order to bring our customers the most suitable and cost-effective IT solutions for their businesses. Cloud computing is here to stay and to paraphrase one leading industry expert “companies not moving to cloud are fighting gravity”. At Netmetix, we were very early adopters of cloud computing and in 2010 we invested in our own cloud infrastructure platform.

Cloudmetix was our 1st generation cloud service and was the result of detailed research into what we believed our customers needed, and provided a total IT infrastructure service, including Office licences, for a single monthly per-user fee.
We are now on our 3rd generation cloud service, built entirely on Microsoft’s global Azure platform, which provides an unparalleled range of services and levels of scalability, flexibility and resilience unimaginable only a few years ago to all but the world’s wealthiest organisations.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, we have proven skills and experience of delivering a vast range of infrastructure solutions in Azure, from simple “fit & forget” cloud backup right through to comprehensive and sophisticated enterprise IT infrastructure solutions for multi-national organisations.

We value our clients and recognise the trust and commitment that they have placed in us. We also recognise that situations and circumstances change and therefore we only want to retain clients for as long as it is appropriate for them to be our clients and not simply because they entered into a long-term agreement at a time when they thought it was the right thing to do.
That is why all of our cloud services are provided on a rolling monthly agreement, which means that you can walk away whenever it suits you.
This also ensures that we never become complacent and that we continually strive to provide outstanding service and value for money.

Quality comes at a price and we are committed to providing you with the highest levels of expertise, service and value for money available anywhere. Our engineers are among the very best in the industry and they don't come cheap, so if the lowest price is your overriding priority, we probably aren’t the right partner for you.

Continually evolving to meet our clients needs

Now in our 21st year, Netmetix is a very different company to when we first opened our doors in 2001. We have evolved to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients and the COVID-19 crisis has clearly demonstrated how the right technology can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving, or in some cases not surviving.

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