Secure Wifi

Whether working from home, on the go, or in the office, make sure your organisation’s most precious resources are protected with our secure, cloud managed WiFi solutions.

Your Trusted Wireless Environment Starts with Secure, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

With the sharp rise of remote workforces the traditional networking model can no longer be trusted. As employees become more mobile, standard security appliances are no longer adequate for secure access.

Netmetix are renowned for building trusted wireless environments that are fast, easy to manage in the cloud and most importantly, secure.

Businesses face the responsibility to build Trusted Wireless Environments protecting their employees and customers from hackers who easily exploit the weak or non-existent security of traditional Wi-Fi networks.

With security and performance at the heart of our products, WatchGuard is the only company to provide the technology and solutions that you can use to build a Trusted Wireless Environment – delivering on each of the three core pillars of market-leading performance, scalable management, and verified comprehensive security.

Secure, Simple, Intelligent Wi-Fi

Verified Comprehensive Security

You need proof that the security solution that defends your business against Wi-Fi attacks can provide automatic protection from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories, allow legitimate external access points to operate in the same airspace, and restrict users from connecting to unsanctioned Wi-Fi access points.

Market-Leading Performance

You should never be forced to compromise security to achieve the necessary performance to support your environment with the speed, connections and client density that it needs. No matter what your wireless battleground is, WatchGuard offers a full line of indoor and outdoor access point models, so that you can extend your trusted wireless environment throughout your facility.

Cloud Management That Scales

With easy set-up and management, you should be able control your entire wireless network from a single interface and execute key processes to safeguard the environment and its users. WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud environment can take your business from one to an unlimited number of access points across multiple locations, with no controller infrastructure. Template-based management and reporting is a breeze with a hierarchical-based structure enabling many ways of grouping, including location, building, floor, and customer.

Since meeting with Netmetix, I’ve become a bit of a cloud convert. The team was able to address all our concerns about moving to a cloud based system and convince us that there is real business value in adopting cloud technology. Our business is now supported by IT systems that are designed to allow continued growth whilst minimising CapEx and a Managed Service Provider that looks after our entire infrastructure, meaning we can focus on our business objectives confident we have the infrastructure to support them. Stuart ChappellManaging Director / Newtons4th

One Powerful Partnership

We are proud to be a WatchGuard One Gold Partner

WatchGuard doesn’t just offer Wi-Fi connectivity, they offer enterprise-grade security, increased productivity, and improved customers satisfaction.

Cloud-Ready Access Points
Simple and scalable Wi-Fi for businesses of all sizes that delivers the best combination of security, performance, and manageability on the market.
WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud
Unlock the full potential of your WatchGuard Access Points with powerful WIPS security, guest and airspace analytics, and invaluable marketing and guest engagement tools.

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