How To Keep Your Business Cyber Safe

Katie Shacklock - October 21, 2021
How To Keep Your Business Cyber Safe

Last week’s blog gave you our top tips on keeping you safe online, but what more can you do to keep your business safe from cyber threats? 

Cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. So, as well as updating software regularly and keeping your passwords secure, your programmes and data need extra security.  This security needs multi-layers of protection, advanced security features, AI to spot changes in network activity and the ability to respond quickly to counter attacks and keep them safe from hacks, malware and phishing scams. Does yours have all that? 

The best way to avoid today’s intelligent cyber threats is to keep your data in the cloud. This may seem less secure than having a server on your own premises you can keep an eye on and lock up at night, but with companies like Microsoft developing their security every day (both physically for their own servers and virtually within their own programmes) it is over and above the most secure place for your data to be held.  

Watch this video to explain more: 

Azure Essentials: Defense in depth security 

Threats to your data’s security can come in the form of criminal behaviour, but can also be caused by disaster. A fire or flood may compromise the security of your device or your on-premise server. But knowing that your systems are regularly backed up and stored securely in the cloud can give you peace of mind.  

Other ways to ensure your business is cyber secure are: 

  1. Ensure you and all your employees have regular Cyber Security training using certified resources. 
  1. Update cyber security policies and procedures regularly in line with government guidelines 
  1. Get your business CyberEssentials certified which shows your customers take Cyber Security seriously. 
  1. Ask a Cyber Security Specialist to assess your current strengths and weaknesses. 

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