Stuart McMillan, Managing Director of Amplio Technologies
Paul was great; he was really helpful and understood where we were coming from. Despite previous delays externally, Paul was fantastic. Very cool and calm, knew what we needed and was quick to get it set up, having us online within the day. Stuart McMillan, Managing Director of Amplio Technologies -
Matthew Cunliffe
Netmetix have been very proactive. When we want meetings, they're quick to organise and any request we have is quickly met. When we needed costings or specific information to pass on to our clients, they were very responsive and have been able to give us the info we needed. Matthew Cunliffe - Managing Director, YourCAD
Matthew Cunliffe
The really useful thing is that we know we’ve now got this opportunity to go on to the next step. To be able to increase our power. To be able to get more storage, more processing, more staff and expand. Matthew Cunliffe - Managing Director, YourCAD
Keely Hancox – CW Chamber of Commerce
“I was nervous about the integration of all our finance software, as if this went wrong, we’d be really stuck, but our Finance manager was happy with the process and no problems occurred, which was great.

“Although this was a very technical project, Greig, Kobe and Paul [Blore, Managing Director] have held our hands through it and never confused us with technical jargon. They are very people orientated and the communication has been brilliant throughout.” Keely Hancox – CW Chamber of Commerce -
Keely Hancox
“Working with Netmetix, and the process of migrating to the cloud all felt painless. Our new, post-pandemic, hybrid way of working and the cloud makes everything much easier.” Keely Hancox -
Graham Kidd
The ability to work from anywhere with just a laptop and internet connection has to be one of the greatest features of switching to a cloud-based system. Now, having used our new system for the past few months, we can say we are extremely happy with the decision we made.

Thanks to Paul and everyone at Netmetix, we have been very happy as a Company to have switched over to Cloud computing. Graham Kidd - IT Manager, Wilden Services Ltd
Bav Jansari
For me, they’re offering a managed service and it’s a prime example of what a managed service should be. The customer gives the client the requirements, the client proposes various options and we work collaboratively to discuss the pros and cons and how we should work together. They do what they say they’re going to do. They provide us with confidence and we know we’re spending our money wisely, with them. Bav Jansari - Head of Development & Technology / Boditrax
Kirk Harland
We have clear ambitions for the business over the next 12 months and having a cloud hosted system is key to making those ambitions a reality. From supporting process improvements that enable our trusted employees to adhere to new data regulations such as GDPR, to solving the issue of multiple data sets across various databases and platforms, with Netmetix’s cloud implementation underway, it won’t be long until all of our employees working remotely, are able to securely access any file required for their day to day work activity, rather than needing to be onsite to gain this access. Kirk Harland - Head of IT / Spirit Healthcare
Gary Jefferies
Our ongoing partnership with Netmetix has allowed us to work towards further opportunities as part of our international expansion and commitment as a world leader, including the delivery of our applications from other global sites. The bespoke deployment and support of their services has enabled us to promote our offerings and capabilities with confidence, and we will be continuing to utilise Netmetix for our international rollouts. Gary Jefferies - Sales & Marketing Director / Bynx
Charlotte Halls
As a relatively small business, we felt that a cyber-attack would never happen to us. The result was, when we were hit by ransomware, just about everything that could go wrong, did, and our incumbent IT provider was not equipped to deal with it. Netmetix addressed the issues so quickly and minimised the business impact of the cyber-attack, I feel much happier that we are protected against future threats. Also, from an operations point of view, by moving to the cloud, we have also been able to create an IT infrastructure that is far better suited to serving our business needs. Charlotte Halls - Operations Manager / Micromix
Stuart Chappell
Since meeting with Netmetix, I’ve become a bit of a cloud convert. The team was able to address all our concerns about moving to a cloud based system and convince us that there is real business value in adopting cloud technology. Our business is now supported by IT systems that are designed to allow continued growth whilst minimising CapEx and a Managed Service Provider that looks after our entire infrastructure, meaning we can focus on our business objectives confident we have the infrastructure to support them. Stuart Chappell - Managing Director / Newtons4th
Jolyon Bennett
The products and services that Netmetix have provided my business over the past 4 years have made my IT and telecoms management simple and seamless. All businesses struggle at some point with systems, outsourcing my IT and phones to Netmetix has taken away the headache and allowed me and my team to focus on growing our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough, the service is second to none. Jolyon Bennett - Managing Director / Gusto Telecommunications