Netmetix - November 11, 2017

Netmetix becomes a Business Wish Warrior for Alex’s Wish

Netmetix is proud to announce that we have partnered with local charity Alex’s Wish, to support it in raising money for a cause that is close to all of our hearts.

Alex’s Wish was set up in 2012 to eradicate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; one of the most common fatal genetic disorders diagnosed in children. Caused by a fault in the dystrophin gene, it triggers every skeletal muscle to deteriorate as muscle fibres break down and are replaced by fibrous fatty tissue. Primarily affecting boys, the disorder has a 100% fatality rate with most not surviving beyond their twenties.

There is no cure and currently no treatments that will help all boys, which is why it’s the charity’s wish to help find a cure to Duchenne. Anyone with a family, whether young or grown up, can understand that it’s a parent’s worst fear to find out that your child has a life-threatening condition, so Netmetix is determined to support Alex’s Wish as much as possible to work towards achieving its goal with this devastating disease.

The partnership was launched in September 2017 after we met with Emma Hallam, Alex’s Mum and Co-Founder/Director of Alex’s Wish. Emma gave an in-depth and thought-provoking presentation to our team explaining all about their cause, the amazing work that they’ve done so far in raising money and awareness, and how we can help support them with much needed funding.

There was no question on whether we would support Alex’s Wish but we wanted to go further, in a way that would ensure that the donations continue to grow in size and that we are able to provide the charity with regular contributions. We decided that we would make a monthly recurring £10 donation to Alex’s Wish for every new cloud server that we deploy, so that every successive month will build on the previous month ensuring growing contributions for the charity.

Emma Hallam from Alex’s Wish comments: “I was really impressed that after our initial presentation, the support from Netmetix was given immediately. The whole business is really behind our cause and I think it’s only going to lead to really good things in the future. We’ll be working with Netmetix very closely to make sure we explore more fundraising opportunities and make the most of a really exciting partnership.”

Paul Blore, Managing Director at Netmetix adds: “We’re keen to help raise the profile of the charity as much as possible so in addition to regular donations, we’re also looking at getting involved in some of the charity’s events and putting together some exciting ideas of our own for all our staff to engage with the project. So, watch this space for news of forthcoming charitable events from Netmetix!”

For more information on Alex’s Wish, please visit and click here to see the charity’s latest video about all their vital work to help tackle Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy disease.