National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Netmetix - October 8, 2019
National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month – one of the most important things to realise in the fight against Cyber Crime is that we are ALL responsible for cyber security.
No longer does responsibility lie just with the I.T team!

End users must be vigilant and take steps to prevent incidents happening by taking a few basic measures…

Don’t click on suspicious links in Emails or Texts – if in doubt better to raise the issue with I.T than cause an incident! These are becoming more sophisticated in their format but it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Don’t use open Wi-Fi networks, and if you have to ensure you don’t send any secure data across them – click on the image below to watch a short video highlighting the risks of this.

Protect your money! Never make changes to regular payments without speaking to a person you know at the company, even a video call or visit if needs be, and minimise who can make payments on behalf of your business.

Use strong passphrases for your logins and ideally have Multi Factor Authentication in place to really protect key data. Don’t leave passwords lying around or share them with colleagues!

Don’t overshare on Social media – criminals are becoming increasingly clever about how they target businesses. Even personal or family accounts of owners & directors can be targeted to obtain information about decision makers being on holiday and try to leverage this with other staff!

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you when it comes to protecting yourself and your business – they are by no means exhaustive but are a good start.

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