Employee Highlight – Simon Knapton

Our team have been working hard over lockdown, so now they’re allowed out of their houses and back into the office we would like to introduce you to them. Next in the chair is Simon Knapton

Image of Simon Knaptopn, Netmetix's Service Delivery Manager

What is your role at Netmetix?

Service Delivery Manager.

What does this entail?

I manage the technical support functions at Netmetix. I strive to ensure that the levels of technical services and support that customers receive are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely fashion.

How long have you worked at Netmetix?

I joined Netmetix in Feb 2013.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Netmetix?

The team we have at Netmetix are fantastic.  The breadth of skills, knowledge and experience really sets us apart.

What was the best thing about lockdown?

As one of the people with the longest daily commute at Netmetix, working from home made a big difference to my work/life balance. Critically, our strength as experts in cloud technology allowed us to do so without impacting the service to our customers.

What was the worst thing about lockdown?

During lockdown, my immediate family contracted Covid-19, which was a worrying time. Still, we realised, more than anyone, the importance of taking all necessary precautions, especially with key workers as family members. Not seeing friends and colleagues was hard.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Listen.  Think.  Act.  In that order.

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