Employee Highlight – Greig Schofield

Katie Shacklock - September 8, 2020
Employee Highlight – Greig Schofield

Our team have been working hard over lockdown, so now they’re allowed out of their houses and back into the office, we would like to introduce you to them. Our first employee we had a chat with was Greig Schofield.

Image of greig scholfield, netmetix technical  director

What is your role at Netmetix?

Technical Director.

What does this entail?

I am responsible for all technical output of the organisation and maintaining the highest quality of service and delivery for our client base. I also ensure we are innovative and strategic in our product and service selection and delivery.

How long have you worked at Netmetix?

I joined Netmetix in the summer of 2012.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Netmetix?

We have a great team and work with great products. We also have the flexibility and mobility to choose the best of breed technologies and bring them to market quickly.

What was the best thing about lockdown?

It hasn’t been a particularly positive experience for me, but it’s been nice to spend more time at home with less travelling and to have more contact with my family on a day to day basis. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to work from home, without losing money or fear of being furloughed. It’s definitely been a positive time for Netmetix as we have remained very productive whilst working very differently.

What was the worst thing about lockdown?

It was frustrating that there has been so much seemingly available time, but with very little to do. There was also the worry and concern over family members who are key workers and the general stress and fear of the pandemic. I was also concerned for the mental health and wellbeing of my children as they have been largely isolated over this time.

What is the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?

If its work related, allocate time accordingly and close Outlook! (now I’m also considering closing Teams too 😊 ) and also do not use Outlook like a task list. Doing those two simple things, makes me far more productive and organised during the day.

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