How cloud computing has helped remote workers during this pandemic

Our offices are usually just off the A45 in Allesley, Coventry but currently, all our employees are working from their homes using the power of Microsoft Azure [link to page on website] and cloud computing to keep business running as usual.   

During this pandemic most businesses have had to make a quick change to remote working. Some more successfully than others. This is because, to enable staff to work from home, businesses need to consider many things:

Lots of businesses do not yet have this infrastructure in place or are just at the beginning of their remote working journey and have, therefore, found this transition very difficult in the short space of time they have had to change their working practices. Luckily, we practice what we preach at Netmetix so have been able to continue with business (pretty much) as usual. We use Microsoft Azure and Office 365 [link to page on website if applicable] cloud-based services, we keep in touch with one another through Microsoft Teams, and we receive and make calls using VoIP telephony [link to page on website]. All this means we can pick up our laptops and work from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Our support staff have understandably seen a peak in calls over the past few weeks too. They have been on hand to help current customers adapt as quickly as possible and assist in setting up computers and phones at home using the cloud. They have also been monitoring potential issues and rectifying them quickly. They have also noticed that ‘normal working hours’ no longer exist so are ensuring that all services are available for those users juggling work around homeschooling, childcare and other hazards of working from home.

Reall, an innovator in affordable homes, made the change to cloud computing with Netmetix before the pandemic hit and Maryanne Meredith, Corporate Services Manager at Reall was very glad they did:

… we are very appreciative of the support from [Netmetix’s] team in keeping all our staff connected and working well in these unprecedented times.

What ‘back to normal’ will look like over the coming few weeks – no one knows. But what we do know is that moving to the cloud will future proof your company, whether in a state of emergency or not.