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Having decided to branch out into new sectors and become part of the Microsoft IP co-sell programme, NFS Technology Group worked with partners Bytes and Netmetix to move to a CSP programme and migrate their current environments and legacy workload to Azure.

The Challenge

NFS Technology Group provides booking and management software solutions for the hospitality industry. They have over 1500 clients in 35 countries, and their products are widely used by restaurants, hotels, conference venues and golf clubs. One of their most well-known products is the Aloha EPoS restaurant management system, which offers handheld ordering, payment and booking technology and has been adopted by restaurants such as Hawksmoor, Giraffe and Dishoom.

NFS had their sights set on branching out and developing solutions for healthcare and public sectors. To achieve this, NFS were working with Microsoft to become part of the IP Co-Sell program, which would help the company reach new customers and accelerate business growth. To achieve the Co-Sell criteria, NFS had to consolidate their Azure environment to deliver their services. They also saw an opportunity to address legacy on-premise workloads and take full advantage of Microsoft Azure. However, as their Azure and on-premise environments were in a disparate range of agreements, they needed support to migrate and consolidate.

The Solution

NFS required a solution that would bring together their environments, whilst also migrating more services to Azure. They also needed help discovering potential areas for optimisation.

Bytes’ specialists recommended moving to the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Programme to consolidate their platform. To perform the migration, Bytes partnered with Netmetix, who have unparalleled experience in Azure migrations and who managed the entire migration process from start to finish. The project was highly successful, being delivered on time and within budget in just over 6 days and with zero unscheduled downtime. This well-structured migration process meant NFS could get on with business as usual and take advantage of the CSP benefits in no time.

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“I’m happy we partnered with Bytes and Netmetix. The Microsoft expertise provided by Bytes was first-rate; they have helped us make a significant cost saving initially within Azure and are helping us realise further benefits through reservations. This, combined with the swift and hassle-free migration from Netmetix, means we can continue to focus on business-critical tasks.”

Raj Bharambe, Head of IT Services at NFS

The Outcome

The commercial benefits of the move were far-reaching. By switching to a CSP license and undergoing an incredibly successful migration, NFS made a cost saving of 10%. This enabled them to move more services into Azure and increase their use of Azure in a cost-effective way. NFS are now able to make the most of the Co-Sell Programme, giving them a better platform for growth and aiding expansion into new sectors.

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