After a combination of outgrowing its existing IT provider and needing an IT upgrade to cope with a new sales platform, Newtons4th was looking to either upgrade its on premise solutions or move to the cloud.

The Challenge

Newtons4th had a traditional on premise server which had previously been able to meet the IT needs of the company. However, a growth spurt and increasing IT demands driven by a new sales platform meant this was no longer fit for purpose.

The plan was to upgrade its on site hardware to cope with the new IT requirements, then Stuart Chappell, Managing Director at Newtons4th met with Netmetix and began to consider cloud alternatives. However, Newtons4th had some significant concerns about how the process and new infrastructure would impact the business. Would its data be as secure in the cloud? How will it impact back-up and recovery ability? Would the benefits justify abandoning the tried and tested on premise approach in favour of unchartered waters?

The Solution

Netmetix prides itself on the knowledge and expertise of its team – what they don’t know about the cloud, isn’t worth knowing. They worked with Newtons4th to explain the advantages of a cloud solution, addressing its pain points and talking through how it could have a positive impact on the company.

From the benefits of the enterprise-grade security offered by the Azure platform, to the simple, reliable and cost effective back-up and disaster recovery offered as standard, Netmetix explained the benefits of cloud and how it could give Newtons4th a competitive advantage with additional scalability and flexibility.

After putting all cloud concerns to bed Newtons4th opted for a completely managed IT service from Netmetix. It not only looks after the company’s entire network infrastructure but provides all hardware and controls the office Wi-Fi, providing secure connectivity over 22,000 square feet spanning three floors.

The Outcome

Newtons4th now has fully managed IT systems in place that offer the agility and flexibility its growing business needs. Scalable software licenses that take away the upfront costs of expanding the team and the enabling of remote working through using cloud servers mean the technology has not only met the company’s initial requirements of a new IT system, but provided additional benefits for the business.

From the client

Since meeting with Netmetix, I’ve become a bit of a cloud convert. The team was able to address all our concerns about moving to a cloud based system and convince us that there is real business value in adopting cloud technology. Our business is now supported by IT systems that are designed to allow continued growth whilst minimising CapEx and a Managed Service Provider that looks after our entire infrastructure, meaning we can focus on our business objectives confident we have the infrastructure to support them. Stuart Chappell - Managing Director / Newtons4th