Spirit Healthcare

Spirit Healthcare

Spirit Healthcare needed to improve scalability, stability and increase regulatory compliance access to data.

The healthcare services provider decided to enlist the help of Netmetix to migrate the business to the cloud in order to address the businesses operational needs.

The Challenge

The main drivers to migrate the business to the cloud included increased stability over traditional on-site servers and mitigation of data loss risk. Another driver was scalability. The company had been expanding at a rapid rate over the last three years and required a solution that could grow alongside the business. Introducing more equipment on site was not a practical option, so gaining scalability without the added physical apparatus was key. The final driver for migration was impending regulatory compliance; employees required ease of access to information, including Intranet-based files, in one hosted central location, whether working in the head office or remotely. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information, the data needed to be hosted in a secure setting and regulated for the GDPR.

The Solution

In order to address the issues raised, Spirit evaluated several options and moving to a cloud environment made the most sense, where firewalls, enterprise-grade security and file accessibility was key. Netmetix was able to offer exactly what they required.

After speaking with various other cloud providers, it was a recommendation from other companies that have worked with Netmetix that sealed the deal. The level of service provided to its other customers was a big deciding factor for the Spirit team.

From the client

We have clear ambitions for the business over the next 12 months and having a cloud hosted system is key to making those ambitions a reality. From supporting process improvements that enable our trusted employees to adhere to new data regulations such as GDPR, to solving the issue of multiple data sets across various databases and platforms, with Netmetix’s cloud implementation underway, it won’t be long until all of our employees working remotely, are able to securely access any file required for their day to day work activity, rather than needing to be onsite to gain this access. Kirk Harland - Head of IT / Spirit Healthcare