Bynx needed a provider that could improve network speeds and tackle any potential latency issues, whilst supporting the company on a global scale.

As the world leader in the provision of automotive fleet and finance software solutions for various mobilty segments needs, the software house turned to Netmetix for assistance, to address and promote the continued growth trajectory of the company.

The Challenge

Due to continued growth, Bynx was looking to expand its managed services offering, to include additional international territories and required a solution to fit their needs that was both efficient and cost-effective. Given that Bynx was looking to deliver its applications to far reaching destinations, it was imperative that network speed remained a priority. Bynx had considered a number of different cloud service providers but it determined that Netmetix provided an ideal offering due to its flexibility, global presence and consistency of its platform.

The Solution

In order to tackle any potential latency issues that could occur as a result of the international deployment, Netmetix suggested that the Microsoft Azure Platform was perfectly positioned as a solution due to its locations of data centers across the globe.

The first international project that Netmetix delivered for Bynx was for a potential customer based in Mexico. Netmetix identified that the Azure Data Centre in Houston, Texas, would be ideally placed to reduce latency and prove that the application delivery speed was accurate. Netmetix delivered a bespoke package, designed to Bynx’ required specifications that was fully configured, monitored and supported across multiple time zones. As a result of a faultless implementation with the setup fully meeting the requirements of the customer, Bynx was able to formally finalise a deal with its customer in Mexico not least in thanks to the Azure platform which Netmetix provided.

From the client

Our ongoing partnership with Netmetix has allowed us to work towards further opportunities as part of our international expansion and commitment as a world leader, including the delivery of our applications from other global sites. The bespoke deployment and support of their services has enabled us to promote our offerings and capabilities with confidence, and we will be continuing to utilise Netmetix for our international rollouts. Gary Jefferies - Sales & Marketing Director / Bynx

The Outcome

Following a successful partnership, Netmetix has since been working on further opportunities with Bynx to manage the delivery of its applications from other international sites including the The Middle East, Latin America and AsiaPacific regions. One recent project required Netmetix to deliver services for one of Bynx’ clients located in Norway, for which the Microsoft data centre in Amsterdam, Europe, was an ideally positioned centre to provide an effective and reliable service.

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