Boditrax needed a more scalable solution than the businesses hybrid cloud system could offer.

In order to keep up with rising client demand and provide a more flexible environment for its customers to operate within, Boditrax reached out to Netmetix to manage its growing estate and migrate the business to the cloud.

The Challenge

After discussing the options with their previous cloud provider, Boditrax concluded that the migration costs quoted were too high, so started looking externally for a reputable provider that could deliver the infrastructure, customer service and support they required.

The Solution

Paul Blore, MD at Netmetix, is a Boditrax user himself which is where the partnership began. After an initial introductory meeting, Netmetix offered various options that met Boditrax’ requirements and were able to provide the more personal approach that they needed at a more competitive price. To make the whole process even easier, Netmetix were able to implement a multi-stage cloud rollout rather than jumping to the cloud in one giant leap.

The Outcome

The business saw almost instant benefits after implementation in October 2017, with a rollout on a Friday evening before the peak gym hours on Saturday morning, it delivered an immediate performance improvement to boditrax and their customers.

The solution is currently being provisioned from a single Azure data centre in the Northern European region, with plans to roll-out across additional geographic regions in the near future.

From the client

For me, they’re offering a managed service and it’s a prime example of what a managed service should be. The customer gives the client the requirements, the client proposes various options and we work collaboratively to discuss the pros and cons and how we should work together. They do what they say they’re going to do. They provide us with confidence and we know we’re spending our money wisely, with them. Bav Jansari - Head of Development & Technology / Boditrax