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Amplio Technologies are a full-service management consultancy, specialising in AI and automation. As a company located in the cloud, Amplio are already well-versed in how well Microsoft Azure can work and wanted to show their clients that working from the cloud could work for them too. 

The Challenge

Amplio’s client – specialising in Manufacturing and Engineering – needed a new site induction system to welcome contractors onto their site, and ensure all Health and Safety checks had been completed before they entered the building. They were currently working with a paperbased system, with the receptionist having to manage the checks and paperworkThis was not efficient, so they partnered with Amplio to develop a digital process that would make this process more efficient and take the responsibility away from the front desk staff. 

The Solution

In identifying the need to digitise this process, they also identified the need to move this process onto the cloud for ease of access and security.  Azure was recommended as the best cloud infrastructure to host this portal on, so Amplio set about securing this. 

After researching how best to buy Azure licenses, Stuart McMillan, Managing Director of Amplio Technologies, was introduced to a number of resellers through the Microsoft Approved Vendor scheme. Sadly, to start with, none of these were Netmetix.  

After not hearing back from two resellers and being delayed by another, who, in the end said they did not want to work with Amplio’s client, Microsoft recommended Netmetix. Luckily Netmetix responded quickly to Stuart’s email, and after only one call with Paul Blore, Managing Director of Netmetix, and a couple of emails to confirm what was needed, Amplio’s client was online and ready to go within the day. 

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From the client

Paul was great; he was really helpful and understood where we were coming from. Despite previous delays externally, Paul was fantastic. Very cool and calm, knew what we needed and was quick to get it set up, having us online within the day. Stuart McMillan, Managing Director of Amplio Technologies -

The Outcome

Because Paul and Netmetix were so responsive and could get the client online so quickly, Amplio’s project was not delayed, despite losing time waiting for other vendors to get in touch. This meant that the client could start to use their online portal on time. As this test case worked so well and cleared any issues that had occurred, there is now an expectation that they will roll this change out to all of their partner’s other sites and Stuart is hopeful that this means Amplio and Netmetix will have a longterm partnership ahead of them. 

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