Can you go into detail about your role at Netmetix?

I work as one of the Support Engineers, so my job role is to help our customers manage and maintain their IT infrastructures and support with any technical issues that may arise. The other prominent area that falls under the umbrella of my role at Netmetix is project-based work, in order to assist with any upgrade or implement entirely new systems for our customers.

I currently work under the guidance of Technical Director, Greig Schofield, who creates the scope of work for the projects that I work on. Greig has a wealth of experience that he uses to help all the technicians deliver projects and solutions to our customers – you can read more about Greig’s role at Netmetix here.

I really enjoy working with a team of such highly skilled IT technicians, and we all work together to provide a service that ensures end users can work efficiently, utilising innovative and cutting edge technology.

I’d personally describe myself as an enthusiastic IT Technician, always looking to improve my skills and deliver positive results for the business as a whole.

Can you share some of your experience prior to working with Netmetix?

My first role within the IT sector was as a 2nd Line Engineer at a large corporate clothing manufacturing company. This role was what really drew me into the world of IT in the first place and I worked for the company for eight years, learning about a wide variety of different hardware and software packages.

I then moved on to work for a food manufacturing company based in the Midlands. Working for these two large companies gave me a great foundation on how to implement best IT practices and procedures as I studied the technologies that I was working with in great detail and was also able to gain several Microsoft certifications.

Why did you join Netmetix?

I decided to join Netmetix for a number of reasons that all came together to present an exciting place in which to work. After meeting the senior management team and discussing what would be involved for the role, I knew that it would be a fantastic place to learn new skills and improve on the ones I already had. Another key factor in my decision to join the team at Netmetix was that the technologies being used were cutting edge and the role offered an opportunity for me to work within an incredibly forward thinking organisation.

Is there anything in particular that stood out as attractive at Netmetix from an employee point of view?

It was apparent from my first meeting with the senior management team that they wanted us to continually improve our skills to stay ahead of the game. I knew this was what I was looking for in a workplace environment and wanted to utilise this attitude to help improve my own IT and workplace skills. Upon meeting the whole team, it was clear that Netmetix is a close knit organisation that works extremely hard to achieve great results, so I knew that the company would be a great fit for me.